Forsaken One

The Forsaken One was not happy.

Someone had stolen her winged sandals that made her go fast.

That was the goal after all.

To go fast.

The sandals did not actually make her go fast. They only made her feel faster.

The truth is often different to a child.

She stomped outside and waved at her neighbors.

She squinted at the bright sun glancing over the pyramid next to her trying to figure out what her assignment was today. Gathering… More rocks.


It’s not like that wasn’t the exact same assignment she had done for the last 4 weeks.

The forsaken one supposed that gathering rocks was all they trusted her to do.

She straightened Her blinding white tunic and brushed a bead of sweat off of her shimmering blonde hair as she ran off towards the designated “rock gathering area”

Her talents were wasted here.

With a quick moment of concentration and a little psychic energy, she lifted the rocks into a small basket.



She slumped down against a tree and held her left hand upwards and reached into a window that temporarily contained a window.

Her hands came back with a bowl of crackling ice cream with red and green flecks all over it.

She hungrily dug into it.

This was the goal. This was the end goal of every day.

She lazily lifted another basket full of rocks to the designated area. More rocks magically appeared in the rock gathering area. She felt like Sisypus. Slisslfus? Whatever. Instead of a hill, she just had more rocks. And there were people. Who all spoke a language she didn’t know.

She was a child.

Was this really her eternity?

Was this really her fate?

Countless days of dropping rocks inside a hole until some great dragon came and murdered everyone.

The crackling ice cream popped inside her mouth and while she enjoyed it, she was unhappy.

The rocks never stopped. The pop rocks never stopped either.

She dumped another basket of rocks into the hole.

More rocks came.

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