Memories of the first mission

The following is from a sci fi desert setting I made back in 2018

Oh-1 did a cursory check of their inventory. Blaster pistol? Check. Combat chips? Check. Unnecessarily large supply of reese’s peanut butter cups? 

They turned their head back towards Effie, “Uh, remind me why I need this?” 

“The boy gets hungry love. He needs snacks”

“Right, and so we’re bringing reese’s peanut butter cups for his sustenance?” 

Effie smiled back at the red clad robot and nodded, stuffing an additional bag of reese’s cup into tobio’s battle pack, “This is a long mission so who knows how long this could take. Plus you know how tobio gets when he’s hungry. The kid turns into a monster crybaby.”

Oh-1 chuckled and though back to the first mission they had been on together. He had remembered it fondly. 

It was the first time they had to travel into Lord cool guy’s house of puppets and stairs. 3 years ago as a matter of fact. 

Tobio and them had been scouting around on the first floor when the kid had suddenly just stopped. Oh-1 cocked their head and looked around, switching their visors to information  mode as they tried to figure out what it was that the boy was seeing. 

Tobio held a finger up as he turned towards oh-1, with tears welling up in his eyes. 

“hey, what’s the matter?” 

Tobio opened his mouth, sniffling, “i-I don’t know. I have this weird feeling in my lower chest area? And it’s making weird noises.”

Being a robot themself, Oh-1 had never experience the human emotion of hunger and wasn’t sure what the boy was talking about. Perhaps he had a faulty cirucit. Some malignant code that was eating away at his core processor? Tobio was new tech developed by Effie so it could have been theoretically anything. He had immediately called into effie to try and figure out what was going on with the kid. Her panicced voice had radioed back to his ears. 

“What is going on with my boy? Is he sick? Did he get hurt? Does he need repairs? ANSWER ME oh-1!” 

“I don’t know what it is. He says this weird noise is coming from his chest area and it’s feeling strange?” 

“Wait a strange noise? Give me one second. I need to check something.” 

She was silent and then came back a few seconds later. 


“Yes effie?” 

“Did you make sure that Tobio ate cereal this morning?”

“Oh the weird flakes? No. Neither of us thought it was necessary so we left without it.”

 A slapping noise echoed through the coms and effie’s voice soon followed, “Honey, he’s organic. He needs food. Tobio is just Hungry. Did you bring those granola bars I gave you from before?” 

“Uhhhhh. No. I didn’t feel like they were necessary to mission success so I just… Left them.”

“Uh huh. And how do you feel about that decision now?”

Oh-1 looked back towards tobio, tears now streaming down the boy’s face and blue armored body as this new foreign emotion rushed over him.

“Well, it feels pretty shitty. But it’s not my fault you didn’t mention what they were for? “

“You don’t need to question every single decision I make oh-1. I know you have your own free will but please, I need you to trust my judgement.”

Oh-1 frowned and stepped over another pile of puppets protruding out of the ground, “Listen this is kind of a bad time.”

“Bad time? Right! The kid is having a tantrum and you have a time sensitive mission you need to complete. So please, tell me when a good time would be for me to lecture you about not questioning the supply provisions I’ve given you.”

Tobio’s cries grew louder a tears fell out of his face like a waterfall.

Oh-1 stuck

“The kid is crying now! What do I do?” 

“Oh so now it’s a good time? When you need my help?”

“Please i take back what I said. I’m sorry.