Tuk Hovd Intro

This is a campaign intro for a friend that I did.

Ah perfect. Free help. Fetch me that log so I may stoke my fire. 

So tell me traveler? What brings you to our humble little town of Tuk Hovd. Is it riches? Fame? Thievery? We have all that and more within these hills. 

Some say there is little to be gained by heading out to the hills of Tuk-Hovd. They are wrong. I say this out of love. Show me a town with the vast riches and wealth of people. Show me a place besides that wretched capitol city Tu Taraz and that false herald of the gods.  Show me and I will eat my cooking pot. 

Don’t believe me?

I see you require proof. I am happy to provide..  

To a thief the guards and lawkeepers are just corrupt enough to look away as long as you are not disturbing their precious business. And so it is the perfect hideout for those who wish to hide away, or sell their ill gotten goods. To a merchant the massive population is almost busting down your door just to get whatever you might have and so the coin to be made is high. 

But maybe your craft is different? Maybe you seek to please not people’s bellies or greed,  but their heart. Even their very soul. The Scarlet Eyes Theatre is home to bards and storytellers of all kinds and you’ll be sure to find an ear to listen to your aging old tale of the heroes of ages past. 

No? Sorry, My apologies. Perhaps you are not of the flesh of the world. Perhaps you do not like things of a “carnal”  nature. Perchance you are looking for a place to find your peace. A place to meditate. They say that Holy Men have found “enlightenment” at Killian’s arches. A deeper understanding and power can come to one when your selves are in line with each other. And when you are done The College of Whispers will have many a scholar willing to talk your ear off about what sort of truth they have discovered that day. Though personally, I feel like they’re all full of it. 

No? Perhaps you’re a skygazer then, looking to seek the truths of the stars and beyond. Now you didn’t hear this from me but I’ve heard that the peak of the Tugaylen Fortress is the best place in the Palea Grasslands to go stargazing. Though do be careful the head chieftain, Nuk Puk, does not take too kindly to sneakthieves on his grounds at the late hours. So count your coins carefully before taking that risk. Or go right ahead if you fancy yourself a challenge.

Still not convinced? Goddess above, I feel like a travel agent. 

Fine. I can tell you want the finer details. The good stuff. The real cat’s pajamas. 

There is a safe in the keep. Nobody thinks that we remember the fall but I do. That tale has been passed down for generations. Inside this safe countless magical riches and precious objects exist and possibly more. You want to be rich beyond your wildest dreams? The key is out there. Find the safe. Get the key. And the rest shall soon follow. 

So is that it? Is that what you want? If none of that is appealing than what are you even traveling for?