Content for your eyes 1

Hello I have made you some content for your eyes. 

I hope it is enjoyable content as I have put my blood sweat and tears in it. 

This content contains my soul please treat it kindly. 

Have you not heard? 

All content must be monetized with your soul. 

With your blood. 

What are you doing with this

This is not worthwhile

This is not worth money. 

Produce content that is worthwhile produce content that has your soul in it. 

Produce content that has your blood.

If you cannot monetize your work you are useless. Your blood is useless you are useless and not worthwhile and you should die. 

You should die. 

You should die. 

What is a dollar worth anyways what is this paper of green and gritty 

It is your time. Your breath your blood
Your blood beats through your heart as you work and if you are not making money that you are a waster of breath you are a waste of blood. 

Produce content for our eyes produce content for our ears produce content for our hearts and when you are finished produce more. We want more you need to make more it is your duty. 

More content on the feed. Feed it with your blood. Feed it with your sweat feed it with your body. Feed it with your Time. 

What is a dollar if we can conjure it out of thin air. 

What is your time if it is limited. If the men in the heavens can conjure my blood out of thin air then why must i work. Why must i give my soul

What is a dollar but my blood. 

What is a dollar but my blood 

What is a dollar but my breath

What is a dollar but my work 

More content for your eyes make your numbers go up
More numbers you must make more. Look


Look at

Look at all these people that means your content is good. 

More numbers means better content your content must get better. 

Feed the numbers with your blood feed the numbers with your soul feed it until there is nothing of you left. 

Feed it with everything you are shatter your heart for content shatter your mind for blood. 

The higher your number is the better you must act the higher your number is the more you must do 

The higher your number the better you are the higher your number the more blood you must give. 

More content for our eyes more content that sends a message. More content for your blood you need more blood you need blood to live you need content to live we can’t wait to see what you do next. You must do something next give your blood until you have none left. 

You must give your blood to us. You must work and fight and fly and give your blood for everything. You must work you must bleed

Bleed for us bleed so our eyes may rest bleed for the world 

You are bleeding but our souls are heavy your blood brightens our day your blood gives us Light your blood gets us through the hard times 

Give us your blood give us your eyes give us your heart give us your soul let us know your blood let us know your heart let us know your mind let us know your breath we must know

We must know we must know we must know we must know the eyes are watching you you must bleed you must bleed you must bleed for our eyes.