Content for your eyes 3

From the beginning of my days I was told I was special




From the beginning of my days I was told my Body is sacred

My own.

A temple


I took their meaning and I made it my own but to this day these words are used against us.

“Your body is a temple don’t mark it with graphics”

“Your body is a temple be careful what goes inside”

“Your body is a temple you cannot change it”

And yet these words ring hollow, lies from a man that does not quite understand his own divinity

Temples stand as a pillar to God but what god can I stand as a pillar to when his servants speak vile lies upon my ears, marking my flesh with graphics of their own.

Army of Satan

Tempted by Devils

 Denial of God

They paint their words with tragic lies calling out to a people that eats their very word up with no judgement upon themselves. They sit upon their pyrite chairs before the world calling out and saying 

“oh thou spawn of mammon, 

oh thou pawn of the devil.

Where is the light in this child’s eyes”

But to deny the divinity of my flesh is to cast darkness upon these bones that still grow, To call my temple, my holy place that I now rebuild to weather the quakes of my life speaks only to the sensibilities of those who have been blinded by a hollow light. 

It speaks to a loss of love in the hearts of the Pyrite men with their shallow words and their empty hearts. 

My sisters flounder in darkness

My brothers seek for a light that cannot be reached in your halls. 

And those that defy the rules only ask for a hand up.

We are flung to the dark forests far off from your rod by the individuals who preached the divinity of our souls.

We forge our own paths, making our way to a tree we’ve only heard tales of. 

A tree that promises light. We forge our own lights, our own maps, using only the stars and the light of a moon to guide us. 

But this does not have to be. This does not have to exist. 

We could be welcome in your hearts. 

I have seen the divinity of my own soul within my eyes. I have felt the light of my own salvation within my own hands and I have seen the flesh of my own self perfected in my own being. 

And She is beautiful.