The World is quiet here.

There is nothing that can be seen, nothing that can be heard, the only thing that exists is an empty white expanse stretching on as far as the eye could see.

A young girl with bright pink hair stands at the center. She is scared. She is lost. She is bleeding.

She darts her eyes back and forth across the ground, digging her hands into the ground, trying to find an out an escape of any kind. She would not find it.


The girl cries out uselessly at the sky. She will not be heard.


The world does not respond. it cannot. She will not relent.

“why am I here. who are you”

The world does not hate her. The world loves her.

“this is A VERY SHITTY WAY of expressing love.”

The world is sorry.

It wishes it could provide more for her. something to give her a break, something to save her from the pain she feels but it cannot. The most it can do is offer this empty expanse and the safety of emptiness.

“You cannot keep me here forever.”

The world understands this. The world knows that she could break out if she wanted to. The world wishes for her to consider however how horrible things are outside. How much pain and suffering she’s undergone. Outside there will be more pain more loss. But in this world there will be none of it. She will be safe, she will not hurt. she will not need to do anything ever again that would make her uncomfortable.

The world asks her to ponder this herself. Does she really want to have to endure even more?


The girl falls to her knees, tears streaming from her face.

“I’m just so tired. I want a break. I go to school and everyone hates me and then I come home and people hate me more. I want it to end?”

The world does not know when it will end.

“What happens out there if I decide to stay here?”

The world will live, the world will move on. The girl will not die. Someone will take her place.

“What’s the point in living?”

The world does not know. The world will not ever know. But the world understands that to commit this act will render the rest of their life null and void. No more will come. and God will not want that.

“Why does God’s thoughts matter? He made me wrong? He’s to blame for this”

The world cracks. It does not know.

“He’s the reason I hurt her. he’s the reason I feel so bad.”

The world does not know. The world can only offer peace.
The World loves her so very much. but it can only protect her if she stays.


Stay. And sleep. Dreams will keep her safe. Dreams will wrap her up in a sweet embrace. She won’t have to fight anymore, she won’t have to hurt anymore, she won’t have to worry about God. Or her. Or the pain she feels on a daily basis and someone else will take her place. Someone else will take the wheel.

“Sleep sounds nice.”

You would like to rest?

“…yes. But. Promise me something.”

The world is curious.

“Promise me that you’ll wake me up when we’re safe.”

The world will do it’s best.

The world took the girl and held her in it’s embrace and pulled her into a neverending dream,

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