“I hope you feel better soon”

This was a short writing commission based on a prompt. You can request a prompt of your own here by sending me $10 for 500 words based on a prompt. it can be anything.

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy and momentum is the currency that the universe works on. And just how the Earth keeps spinning, the tiny porcelain Doll in the music box must keep dancing whenever a crank is turned and the box is opened. Everyone gawks and everyone points as the music box strums it’s little tune, tiny metal pangs bleeding out in the ether as the doll keeps dancing her little tune. The doll does not feel, it simply dances. It has no emotions and only finds presence in the moment a key is wound or a crank is turned and she is once again sprung up for her to show you her little dance.

When the box maker finds that once again the box has broken, the first thing she checks is the Doll. Is the doll okay? Is my favorite creation okay? The box opens and the doll gazes up, waiting for the crank to roll and for the signal for her to start dancing. The crank turns and the doll cannot dance. Is something wrong, it thinks to itself. Dancing is all it knows and all it will ever know. The boxmaker breathes a sigh of relief and begins the careful process of pulling the box apart, taking care to make sure that the doll is the first thing to be removed. It’s the most precious after all. It’s the boxmaker’s favorite doll and it’s the best one there is. The box maker first removes the lid. The tiny doll comes and climbs up on the boxmaker’s hands.

“Hey, cut it out.”

The doll cannot hear and it runs back towards the box, eager to take it’s place back where it belongs. The boxmaker gently scoops it up again and places it off to the side, “Please. I know you can’t understand me but your box is broken. I need to fix it and then you can get back to dancing, okay?”

The doll cocked it’s head in confusion at the boxmaker and closed it’s eyes. It took a small nap on the countertop.

The boxmaker sighed, “I hope you feel better soon. Please stop breaking the box? Okay. It’s very delicate dear. I know it’s all that you have but please stop breaking the box.”

The doll, now understanding that the boxmaker is speaking to it, nods vigorously. It wants to do a good job. It wants to follow it’s orders properly. It wants to show the world just how good it is at dancing. If it knew that it only danced for an audience of one, it might be singing a different tune, but it didn’t care. It simply wanted to dance. It wanted to perform. It wanted to keep doing the same dance it always did. It never noticed that the audience was just one person.

The night continued and the boxmaker put the box slowly back together. With gentle hands it scooped the doll up and placed her back in her little hole.