Day 1. Light the Candle

For #EmptyOctober on twitter. Prompts for each day can be found here

Light the candle, strike the match

See how long you can last, in a world of earthly lies
Sell your soul for a five.

Take all the pieces of your heart, burn them, burn them burn them burn them

You have no idea how you got here. You simply just woke up there one day. Someone telling you “we need a Heavenly Host” and suddenly the flame is calling once more. The ritual of forgotten ages summoning you from your deep slumber to come upon the field and reap the harvest that is ripe for the taking. A great and terrible blade lays in your hand, radiating with divine energy and power to smite the foes in the world below.

The world below quivers beneath you, not even knowing of the great and terrible weapon in your hands. The flames of the candle grow bright in your heart, screaming as the power of fire overtakes your soul, filling you with god’s might. You plunge down to the earth with a sickening thud. And you knock on your first door.
The family greets you. You know them. Oh you immediately know everything about them as God’s divine will screams into your heart and your hands spring to action. With a single swipe, the house is leveled, but the people thank you. They shake your hand and say “good job. You have done good thou wise and faithful servant. Truly god has blessed us today. Thank you. Thank you.”
They cannot see your tears through the halo. The Brilliant light is burning them. Your hands, guided by this wavering flame comes to ignite your soul again. The will of God moves on and you are just his eager tool, aren’t you?
You come up to the second house. No rest for the divine. No rest for the angels of god. Work Work work. Keep working. Keep harvesting. You knock on the door. You scream at them for them to get out and someone hears you and starts running towards the door. No you want-
the door opens.
Your scythe swings and the world shakes. The house is damaged, but not totalled. It seemed your warning saved them from god’s might. The girl who answers looks up at you and then her face brightens. She gives you a hug. You’re not sure why. You came to destroy, not to… The hug feels warm to you. The flame burns and the hug feels warm. You crave that warmth but the will of God demands you keep moving.

The third house is familiar. Is… This is the house of an angel. You know them. You’ve seen their soul. What is the will. You question the howling words in your head wondering and then you scream and toss your scythe to the ground and slam the door behind you. No no you are not just some careless tool for the will of god. You are your own. You are your own and you…
Your halo brightens. You have to go. You have to go. You give the other angel a hug and keep flying.

The will of God demands it.

You keep flying. But you push. You push off your course and crash into a mountain. The snow envelops your body, but the light of your halo seems to dim. You have no idea where your blade went. You feel cold. Empty. Lost. The candle flame in your heart that was constantly burning is dead. You’re not sure how to reignite it, but you’re not sure you want to.

Outside you can hear the gentle sound of wings fluttering.

And the sounds of blades unsheathing