Empty October Day (20) Eye’s in the dark

You’ve always liked the sensation of falling, haven’t you? That sensation in your heart and the euphoric feeling of gravity exerting it’s will on you. Or maybe it’s the sensation of soaring. Going through the heights of rocketing upwards into the sky and feeling your heart beat just a little bit faster as we come ever closer to the sky above us. You kept thinking that even though icarus flew too close, it must have felt amazing to even get there. To bask in the heavenly warmth of the sun granted to the mortals of the world down below from a kind and benevolent deity who sat on high watching over the affairs of man.

You remember roller coasters and car rides and plane trips and you felt that feeling in your chest. The escape, the thrill, the belief that there was a way to get into the untethered sky if only there was a velocity that you could reach. If only you could rocket yourself towards the heaven and pull yourself into the loving grasp of space, the one that would never pull you back down to earth. The moon and the sun and the stars all perfectly surrounding you in complete stasis and breathlessness.

But nightmares do as nightmares do, and like Icarus, so quickly can the tender embrace of something sweet turn into a sickening monster. The eyes in the dark void of space watching you as you endlessly soar through the galaxy, propelled by your velocity to escape the curse of ground, but now helpless to stop yourself as your speed now damns you to the careless embrace of Space.