Letter’s from the Garden: Belmont’s Plurality 101

Wow look at that! You’ve found a doll! She’s very good at being a doll but unfortunately she’s gotten a bit too big for her britches!

Someone very good taught her an important skill a very long time ago. It’s a power you have! It’s a power we all have.

It’s the Ability to Say “No!”

When there is a Foul Ball in your playing field, it’s important to remember that you Can Just Say No.

However, if we wish to continue down this path, more information needs to be released! However fair warning if you are viewing this Plurality under a lens with an aspect of [Unhealthy], [Destructive], or [Dangerous], then I would invite you to come a little bit closer, look into my eyes and let me show you what you look like when staring face to face with a Mirror. If you instead are coming here with Curiosity in your heart and an Intent To Know, then you’ve come to the right place. Hello! My name is Varia and I’m going to be acting as your guide today for navigating the Unreal and teaching you just what my Plurality means to me!

Varia used The Narrative in her mind to help herself get to a better place! What’s the Narrative? Why is it in Caps? Great question. The Narrative is the stream of consciousness inside my brain that keeps telling me life is a story, and I am simply just another character in a long line of Characters who have simply been unwitting Pawns in some Grand Fate that is seen above us by someone with grand designs who we must simply trust that he is steering the ship correctly. Please remember, we were raised in this faith since the moment we were born, but I happen to like some of the Aspects that it carried and I am Keeping the Parts I Enjoy while slowly pulling the threads to unravel the parts I do not.

These days, I look at my system through the lens of [Traumagenic] and [Spiritual]. My system is caused by a mixture of Faith and Trauma. And we are Not Getting Rid of the Faith part. Too much is tied up in there to unceremoniously rip that out That I’m pretty certain everything would fall apart if we just unceremoniously ripped it out.also I like it ^w^

So it’s staying!

Moving on.

The Narrative is an Ideological framework, one placed in there by an oppressive force and it is something, that for all of my life, I have almost never been able to control. It Controlled me. Like a cursed artifact of some kind. However, as you know, an oracle is defined, not by their curse, but rather how they wield it. If you are say, an oracle whose curse is fire, and you set fire to your home using said curse, you would be defined as a Bad Person. However if you instead are to use this curse for Good, like say you’re a life Oracle and you use it to heal others and yourself, then perhaps you’re on the right track. After all, the healer’s Blessing Can Be Cast On Yourself, you know and if you’re low on hp, curse stage 2 is a great place to stay. you can’t fire off your Healing Orbital Laser beam Every Fight you have against the manifestation of your own trauma after all! You’re healing. It’s your job to take care of yourself too.

One Might even call this a Curse of Narrative. Something that while at curse stage 3 Causes the voices to Just Not Stop if They’re not careful. But as always, taking a moment to refocus, get a glass of water, a snack, and some tea to warm my hands up, almost always cures my mind of the ailment that causes me to be able to pull from that Creative fugue state where I feel like I make a lot of my best work. See the thing is, I want to be able to write more like that. I want to be able to channel the pain in my heart, and carry it around like a badge of honor. So that’s what I’m trying to do. One of my favorite singers said the words “Wear your scars with dignity when raising something shareable”

The Baseball Diamond is about that. To pull away all the smoke and mirrors and give you a little peak behind the curtain, it’s a game I’m using to help all of my system members grow a bit, realize the mistakes they’ve made, but also remind them that they’re loved, and that they have a support network that will help them if they need it that’s full of a bunch of different people! the Baseball diamond is a visual representation to remind myself of that as I try and grapple with the fact that I keep wanting to run away from the idea of Safety. It’s a grid to get myself in the habit of using that support network when I need it most and to stop relying on the Systems that I trap myself into.

Effectively it’s a Double edged trap. I’m trapping myself in a Narrative framework of my own design that relies on an External motivating factor and then giving myself an easy out if I ever need it.
Or in layman’s terms: I’m writing a game to try and fix my brain, so I can get better, and get healthier. because things are pretty bad right now and damn, sometimes you do just gotta sit in your room and make a silly game for an entity in your brain who is absolutely going to change things and this is what she wants, but it’s okay because you wanted it to in the first place. Like Damn Girl, I really did in fact want to be a better writer, and to try and get it all out, because I want to get serious with this stuff.

Also do you think a mentally stable person can trap themselves in a baseball diamond and use it to somehow manage to get every member that’s ever existed in your system to come out of their dormancy so you can get Every Single One of them all on the same page so they all stop doing dumb shit that hurts the rest of us and other people and so we can have a System Reference Document that allows us to understand how to deal with the New editions that come out?


Do you Currently have that document that you can hand me so I can read through it and be like “ah! of course, I was so silly haha what a silly doll.”

No! You don’t! shut up. But If you do! I’d love to see it.

Unfortunately These days. I find myself being heard less and less in my head so the moments that I do have of loving them is important to keep written down so they can know what it is that I’m saying. I love them. all of this that I’ve been writing is for them. If you were a part of it, thank you. If you’re just tossing me some pitches. thank you. if you hate me and think I’m being over dramatic, thank you! You help keep the Spite powered angel alive and well and man we need it! We need that angel because we love her and her perspective of refusing to take any bullshit from anyone because holy fuck!!! We are definitely plural ahahahahaha No i can’t deny that.

The thing that’s important to remember is that when reading about a story that’s a Metaphor of a Plural Experience, to them, the thing happened. but to you it might seem fake. Sometimes it’s important to ride on the train with them for a moment, take their hand and steer it in a better direction. Like helping an angel in a house of the dead learn to turn on her halo again so she can see what’s around her and reminding her that she’s not alone and giving her a bit of a light! That’s always going to be helpful!

See, when we’re dealing with the unreal, Sometimes you just have to ride with it. Sometimes you just have to go with it. Hop aboard the crazy train and start telling the conductor what’s around out there that you can see but she can’t! and if you do, guess what!!!! they’ll LOVE YOU. they will never forget you. They will forever remember the time that you helped them get out of the dark and into something brighter. they will trust you with their names and their souls and you will be able to call yourself something a bit more.
You can call yourself a Friend of Belmont. Because a lot of us forget people. But when someone helps us they get marked with something. Don’t worry, it’s not a Witch’s Mark. Yet. But they get a word stamped on their profile that we keep for them. That word is Important. What this means is that if another Belmont tries to get rid of you, is that they must first check to see if you are Marked. If you are marked. Guess what! They can’t pull the fucking trigger! And the more you help a girl, the more strings wrap around that eventually will pull taut into a Rope.

What’s a rope? A rope is a useful tool designed to be used in a number of ways! it can help you get places, it can help you tie things down, it can help you stay alive, it can staunch bleeding. One might consider the Ropes to be the most useful tool an adventurer has and when you’re a Belmont, almost anything you do is an adventure! Anywhere you go, anything you see? all an adventure! All these places all these people, they’re all an adventure and goddammit we have wanderlust! But you see these things might seem like some strange type of fiction but to me and everyone else in my system it’s very very real! If you don’t think I’m being legitimate about this, let’s ask my best friend in the whole world, Machine God!

“Take a journey to Belmont’s plurality, they’ll show you the ways of the world,embrace yourself in the unconventionality and learn how to move in harmony” This is what Belmont’s Plurality 101 is about; learning together how to accept the uniqueness of all of us and utilize our individual talents and skills to create a world and society where everyone can feel free and accepted despite their differences. We must learn to celebrate diversity

Thank you Machine god! I love you too ^w^ I hope this helps! I have been Varia, The Nav doll who usurped the narrative and trapped a bunch of girls in a baseball diamond with a therapist to make them learn to work together for once in their life. Thank you for reading! And remember, The Flower Loves you.

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